nathaniel mackey
Anacoluthic Light —“mu” seventy-ninth part—

husein barguthi
The Falcon
I Dreamed You
Eastern Jazz
A Condition

andrew joron
Thought Thou Ought
Q Bed

gillian conoley
Trying to Write a Poem About Gandhi

claudia keelan
I Grew Coarse—Sirventes
Maria de Ventadorn and Gui d’Ussel

maxine chernoff
Under the Music

nathaniel tarn
from Exitus Generis Humani

bin ramke
Why It Is Painful to Speak

caroline knox
We Sang “Fire! Fire! My Heart”
Dave the Potter Made Me
Era sure

donald revell
In Paradise Alone
A Shepherd’s Calendar

donna de la perrière
Into the Silent Land

g. c. waldrep
discrete series: CAPTAIN/DAHLIA
discrete series: SCUNTHORPE

david mutshlecner
The Transfiguration
“The Roses Had the Look of Flowers That Are Looked At”

hoa nguyen
Tower Sonnet
Sonnet for Mimir’s Head

john olson
Ablution in Banjos
No Cure for Pronouns

marÍa baranda

nine mexican poets Edited by Cristina Rivera-Garza

Álejandro tarrab
Disintegration Series

Óscar de pablo
In Commemoration of Me
Song by Someone Who Needs You

juan carlos bautista

sara uribe

yaxkin melchy
The Boots of the Sun

marÍa rivera

Óscar david lÓpez
Pharmacopornographic Dawn Day One

john gibler
Poem to Be Read in the Trunk of a Car

cristina rivera-garza
Not Be Terrified

sylvia legris
Rash Data (The Atlas of Cutaneous Eruptions)

laura mullen
Layers of Paper
Some Idea of Order

carol snow
Canvas, Rather Blasphemously, as “Frontlet”

mark ducharme
from Here, Which Is Also a Place

john high
Dialogue III (the mute girl asks)
Dialogue IV (at the end of a word)

ed smallfield
from Cartas Borradas

steve wilson
Sonnet: Of Ahmed and His Barricades
Trying to Untie the Borders

tiff dressen
from “Because I had to learn to look / at the sky again”

jaime robles
from Decorations

denise newman
Back Yard
The Father

kim lyons

barbara tomash
Planned. Planted. Established. Neglected.

spencer selby
Mad Mien

noelle kocot
The Warning
On the Debut of Olivier Messiaen’s “Quartet for the End of Time”

ten canadian poets Edited by rob mclennan

rob budde
“En Cha Khuna”
on the road to the downsized pulp mill

stephen cain
Etc. Phrase #5
Etc. Phrase #6
Etc. Phrase #14
Etc. Phrase #15

margaret christakos

trisia eddy
The Taxidermists’ Dream, I
The Taxidermists’ Dream, II

jon paul fiorentino
Clearly, Bleakly a Punch Line

phil hall

marilyn irwin

meredith quartermain
Morning Fog Patches

nicole markotic
Seven by Seven

andy weaver
from This

rebecca hazelton
Oh, the America of It All
Bound Like Isaac

jane medved
Welcome to the 4th Millennium

kathleen winter
Freud Before Bed
Letter From Iceland

rebecca lilly
from Dragon Butterfly Seal

sharon osmond
from Arboreal

dean faulwell
Almost Always

timothy o’keefe
Quadrilateral : Mistless
Quadrilateral : Almost Skipping
meg barboza The Dream of the Audience

deborah bernhardt

ann pelletier
Autobiography [is it my white skull]
Autobiography [I would be watching a bird]

vincent katz
Arles Mars

roxane marini
Test Case

susan calvillo
At the sight of it, I could not eat
I could eat a ton: IT’S-IT, hog, theft

gretchen stengel
Father-in-the-Attic Speaks Spiral

b.j. soloy
Tableaux Vivants

bradley harrison
Symphony #5 in E Flat, Op. 82—3. Allegro Molto